First Era

In the beginning…

Little is known of the First Era since as much has been lost during the fallout of the second era. It is known that the world was much more diverse than it is now, a land of water, abundance and life. It was hardly a land of peace but it was a land of more. Much of what scholars study of the first era has to do with the Gods’ War.

At the pinnacle of this world – a war between the gods spilled onto the planet. After many years of this war many of the gods were forced here to this planet, it is said previously each diety had his own “Plane”, a world of their very own. The truth of this is hotly debated among the few who know of it.

The end of the war is marked by the Great Sundering. Little is understood of this event how it happened, where it began and what exactly occurred are all mysteries. A hint to understanding this event may be in the following passage:

…this energy shall then be harnessed and directed to sunder the very threads that bind us to this multiverse. We shall finally be set free of the schemes of whispering gods.
-Unknown, First Era Journal recovered from Vash area.

First Era

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