Lord Protector Tyrell

Leader of the Nexus Empire


Tyrell dresses in a ceremonial Lamellar armor adorned with thin rectangular black plates of an unknown material braided by a think golden cord. The armor falls roughly to about the knee and the overall look one may be loosely reminded of edo era Japanese armor. No helmet is worn and his platinum hair that may otherwise fall to the small of his back is kept in a long braided pony tail that is often wrapped in a ball at the back of his head.


There are few living creatures that can remember the world before the sundering. Lord Protector Tyrell lived and prospered before the fall. The nexus then was but a small merchant republic mostly famous for two things; its impregnable walls blessed by the gods and the passage to the underdark through which much trade was conducted. Tyrell’s family was of no small wealth and he spent much of his youth being taught about tactics and swordplay. He was soon accepted into the Dragon Guard, an elite unite tasked with defending the Nexus.

After quickly rising through the ranks, through much controversy, Tyrell was promoted to Protector – the highest rank and leader of the Dragon Guard. It was soon after the sundering occurred. After a series of failures by the Doge, Tyrell betrayed his oath and slew the doge and council and took the mantle of Lord Protector.

Lord Protector Tyrell

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